Our Services

A comprehensive center for complete dental care:

From simple cleanings to crowns and even oral surgery, we’re here for all your dental needs. On top of that, we make visiting the dentist an adventure for your kids… oh, who are we kidding it’s an adventure for you too! Come in and experience a more exciting and fun path for optimum oral health.

The adventure includes:

Family Dentistry

When it comes to great oral health your entire family should be on the adventure. When we say family dentistry we mean everyone, ages 0 to 99 and it includes routine check-ups, cleanings filings, crowns and of course our Charlie approved, trademarked Smile Protector Program. Let Family Smiles take your whole family on a dental adventure that will last them a lifetime.

Memory-Free Dentistry

Sometimes called Oral Conscious Sedation. When you and the Dentist agree that memory-free dentistry is the best path, we use medication to help reduce the memory of the dental treatment and improve the overall dental adventure. Memory-free dentistry makes for a better quality of treatment, eases fears, helps with those who have difficulty staying still and makes it pleasant for those with extensive treatment needs. Treatment is done in-office so no hospital visit is needed and, unlike general anesthesia, there is no IV needle involved. Remember the good parts of the dental adventure and let the rest slip away.


As part of the journey to the ultimate smile, sometimes teeth need to be straightened so they are in the proper alignment. We have a board-certified orthodontist measure and evaluate the alignment of your teeth and bone structure. Orthodontic braces are then used to correct misaligned or crooked teeth. Straighter teeth mean a better smile, more confidence, and better function with proper biting patterns so teeth can last a lifetime. Ask us about different colors and styles.

Available at: Palestine, Nacogdoches (Apex Dental)

Affordable Care for Everyone!

We accept Medicaid, CHIP, cash, and most PPO insurances. For those without insurance we offer a custom $30 dental savings plan that saves you 20-85% on most dental services. We also offer highly flexible payment plans. We make sure everyone can have access to affordable and amazing dental care!