Family Smiles!

Where every dental visit is an adventure

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The adventure begins
the moment you arrive!

At Family Smiles we believe that everyone should enjoy going to the dentist, and we carry that belief into everything we do. We’ve created a unique experience for you and your whole family to make every visit comfortable, fun, and exciting. If you’re looking for a fun office that’ll treat you and your kids like family, and provide you with incredible dental care then Family Smiles is the place for you.

We all think that…

You’re Amazing!

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Discover what compassionate dentistry looks like:

We believe in guilt-free dentistry

We believe in guilt-free dentistry

We’re so happy you’re here for a no judgment, feel good, dental adventure. You never have to worry about feeling judged for the state of your mouth at Family Smiles. We’ve seen it all, and think that everyone deserves to be celebrated for making the choice to come in. You can look forward to meeting our gentle dentists, having loads of fun, and getting the care you and your family need. In fact, the hardest part of your adventure is going to be waiting six months to come back!

We partner with you

We partner with you

Everyone has different needs so we make sure you’re comfortable with all we do. We’ll explain everything and decide together what works best for you. If one of your children needs treatment, we’ll ensure that you have total visibility of their experience. You won’t miss a moment of your kid’s adventure with us.

We create an easy, no-work zone for parents

We create an easy, no-work zone for parents

Come on in, sit back, and feel good about treating you and your family to the best service in town. We’ll take care of your kids and everything else. The only thing you’ll need to do is start planning your return visit because you’re going to want to come back!

We make sure we fit your life

We make sure we fit your life

We know life is busy. We get it, so we're here when you need us. We strive to be open at hours that are convenient for you. We’re even open later in the evenings so you and your kids can come after school and work. Whenever possible, we also do same day treatments. This will reduce the need for multiple visits and allow you to get the care you and your family deserve on a schedule that works best for you. Schedule your family’s adventure when it fits your busy life.


Yup, we can do that

Family Dentistry

From ages 6 months to 99, the Family Smiles adventure is for everyone.  Regardless of your age we’ll take care of your dental needs, from routine check-ups all the way to extensive treatments.

Memory-Free Dentistry

Memory-free dentistry makes for a better quality of treatment, eases fear, and makes it pleasant for kids with extensive treatment needs. Will your kids remember the ipads, the coins and goodies, the part where they were treated like Royalty? You bet! Will they remember the treatment? Most likely not. That’s the way we think a dental adventure should be. Your kids remember only the part they need to ….the fun part!


Available at: Palestine, Nacogdoches (Apex Dental)

We want to give you the ultimate smile to help bring more confidence and joy to your life. Sometimes that involves adjusting your smile with braces for a smile you’ll never stop sharing.


Affordable Care for Everyone!

With our custom $30 dental plan and highly flexible payment plans, everyone can have access to affordable and amazing dental care!