Who are We?

A dental adventure that celebrates you and your amazing community!

Dr. Chad Evans and Emmet Scott, the founders of Family Smiles, started the company in 2010. They have 12 kids between their two families…and are just like you: they know first-hand how stressful it is to take kids to a doctor. They’ve experienced the anxiety of waiting to be called back while trying to keep their kids still and quiet in a plain waiting room with a fish tank and some old magazines. One day they asked each other “Why can’t going to the doctor or dentist be fun?” That simple question started things rolling, and in 2010 they thought up a totally different dental experience.

  • Charlie the Chipmunk as the mascot
  • A colorful & vibrate video area for kids
  • Toy towers, gold coins, crowns and so much more
  • Refreshments in the lobby while people wait
  • A celebration of the town in 3D to make patients feel as if they’re standing at some of the most amazing places in their community!
Chad and Emmet dreamed of a dental office that was fun, happy and welcoming. So, that’s exactly what they created… this dentist office. They created it for you, and they make sure that it stays that way each and every day.
Dr. Chad Evans and Emmett Scott

We hope that you and your family find the joy they created for you. Join us on an incredible adventure where you get to relax and let our staff guide you to a wonderful smile!

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